Mithila Painter/ Sarlahi, Nepal

  • Lady with Fish II by Umesh Shah

    $ 450.00
  • Lady in the Mirror by Umesh Shah

    $ 450.00
  • Lady with Fish I by Umesh Shah

    $ 450.00
  • Kamalaayani by Umesh Shah

    $ 350.00
  • Butter Factory by Umesh Shah

    $ 350.00

Umesh Shah is a painter from Sarlahi Nepal. Growing up in the sarlahi southern part/ countryside of Nepal, Umesh Shah observed his grandmother making traditional Mithila art on the walls during family functions and festivities. These early moments of watching village women paint their stylized figures and motifs with natural pigments and clay would become a source of inspiration for Umesh. Mithila art and it’s motifs ultimately became the signature style that viewers and collectors today have come to recognize as Umesh Shah.

The main influence in Umesh’s artwork stems from Mithila and Ancient Egyptian Art. He traces these art forms from his childhood and ancestors. The uses of forms and lines are inspires to express his own ideas. Using a combination of the art forms of his ancestors and the modern art in which he has been trained. He is depicting everyday life in the 21th century.

Umesh Shah has already done six solo exhibitions in Nepal and India and participated in three national exhibition and many group exhibitions and workshops in Nepal, India, Japan, Taiwan and Russia. He has participated in 1st Print Biennale India 2018. His works are in major public and private collec- tions in Nepal, India,China,Taiwan, Europe, South America and USA.

Name   Umesh Shah

Date of birth      15th March 1976

Nationality           Nepali

Permanent address  Brahmapuri- 6, sarlahi, Nepal

Live and work        Tyanglaphat, kirtipir, Kathmandu

Contact number   00977 9841632842

Email ID   [email protected]


Education    MFA, Faculty of Visual Art, IKS University, (CG) India, 2010

BFA, Centre for Art and Design, Kathmandu University,2007

Diplona in Fine Art, Centre for Art and Design, Kathmandu          University

Work at             Art Teacher at Central Department of Fine Arts, TU, Kathmandu.                                      


Workshop and Exhibition:

Solo show          2016, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

                     2014, Park Gallery, Pulchock,

                     2012, Park Gallery, Pulchock, Nepal

                     2007  Mithila Yen Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2003  Ramjas College, Delhi University, Delhi

Group show         2017, Nepal Print Makers for Kathmandu Triennale, Siddharth Art Gallery, Kathmandu

                     2016,Nepal Embassy, Moscow, Russia.

                     2013, International Group Exhibition, Systema Gallery, Osaka,


                     2012, Nepal-Japan Group Exhibition, Park Gallery

                     2012, Nepal-London Art exhibition, Nepal art council, Kathmandu

                     2011, Organized by Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

   2007, Graduation Show, Organized by KU Art, Kathmandu

2006,  Jazzmandu, Shangri-la Hotel, Kathmandu

  2006, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kathmandu

Participation    2017, National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Academi Kathmandu.

                      2017, Mini Print workshop, Print Making Nepal

                      2016, Finalist, International Artist Grand Prize, Art Revolution

                      Taipei, Taiwan.

                      2016, National Exhibition, Kathmandu.

                      2013, National Exhibition, Kathmandu.

                      2012, East London and Tribhuvan University Art Ext. Etching

                      Workshop, TU, Kathmandu

2012 Portrait to Self Portrait, Patan Museum

2006 36th National Exhibition Kathmandu.

2004-2007 Annual Art Exhibition KU Art.

2005 SAP Nepal, Kathmandu

2005 KUPEX, Dhulikhel

Camp: 2009, Prerna International Art Camp, Bhuvneshwara, Orisa, India

2008 “K” Mahotsav Camp, Khairagarh,(C.G) India

Award:  1993 First Prize, Inter District Art Competition, Sarlahi.