Painter, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Ganesha by Roshan Bhandari

    $ 3,000.00
  • Durga (The Warrior) by Roshan Bhandari

    $ 750.00
  • Title: Contemplation 1 by Roshan Bhandari

    $ 2,500.00
  • Contemplation 2 by Roshan Bhandari

    $ 500.00

Roshan Bhandari is a visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He holds BFA (Painting) from Pune University, Bharati Vidhyapeeth’s College of Arts, Maharashtra, India and MFA (Painting) from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Roshan has participated in various group shows in Italy, Bangladesh, India and Nepal and some accolades are under his creative belt; National Award (First Prize) in Contemporary Painting Category, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts Hem, Ganga Pratibha Yuva Puraskaar ( First Prize) CAAN, Third Prize in Cartooning, The Indian Express Competition, Pune, India. Roshan is also the Faculty Topper (2012-2013) MFA, Tribhuvan University.

Currently, Roshan is engaged as Lecturer at Sirjana College of Fine Arts, Department of Paintings.

Painting silence, expression, moods are my key to the dreams, my way of perceiving positivity, my storytelling. Human expression is the most powerful form of communication we have. We all remember the looks our mom and dad gave us when we did something wrong or when they are happy about us or the look on the face of the person in love. These looks are just a few of the powerful ways we can communicate with no words.

From the beginning, the process of transforming silence into expression struck me as magical. And, over the years, that magical process has had its way with me. Portraying human expression fills me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity, and has proven a most amenable vehicle for translating inner vision to outer reality. I paint from the inside out. I work quite spontaneously, sometimes consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques; my unconscious is the undisputed project manager. The concrete, spontaneous, and well-planned nature of this work frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for happy accidents and grace to influence the finished product.

My work tends to focus on an emotional expect of people around me. Every time it varies from person to person, portraying their inner expression which is visible to their face mostly when they are silent gives strength to my subject. I feel accomplished whenever I paint subjects around me. Mostly the characters of my paintings are the people around me. My home, my Tole, Gully’s, Café, College cafeteria, etc are the place where I find all my characters. I sit with them, talk to them, I feel and I react with the brushes, colors, sketches and I end up with a complete composition. With all the responsibility people work hard every day, they try new things to achieve new heights, happiness, and smiles. But as they move farther they tend to breakdown. Those moments are very intense and powerful. None of it was intentional – it all developed and evolved over time.

While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project my methodology is consistent. Although there may not always be material similarities between the different projects they are linked by recurring formal concerns and through the subject matter. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of the work. Each project often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings. During research and production, new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.

EDUCATION Painting, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, 2013 Painting, Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Fine Arts, Pune University, India, 2011 I.F.A. in Painting, Sirjana College of Fine Arts, Nepal, 2006
School Leaving Certificate, Neptune Boarding High School, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2003

Faculty Member, Sirjana College of Fine Arts, 2013- 2020

  •  Teach knowledge and skills in art, including drawing and painting
  • Provide instruction by which students develop aesthetic concepts and appreciations and the ability to make qualitative judgments about art
  • Demonstrate techniques in activities such as drawing and painting
  • Provide individual and small-group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of students with varying intellectual and artistic abilities, and to accommodate a variety of instructional activities
  • Plan and present art displays and exhibitions designed to exhibit students’ work for the school and the community
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by Administration Visualizer, TBWA Benchmark Nepal, 2013-2015 Purplecarrot Advertising Agency, 2012-2013
  • To interpret the ideas into the visual terms
  • To produce the rough or scamps, and may scribble many versions of ideas are sufficiently well expressed
  • To perform any other duties as may be assigned by Administration Illustrator, Rajdhani Weekly Newspaper, 2005
  • Liaising with editors, authors or designers
  • Undertaking relevant research and generating ideas
  • Drawing rough sketches for approval
  • Producing final illustrations Illustrator, Key Advertising Agency, 2005
  • To draw attention and promote a product or service
  • To be aware of target audience
  • To deliver the message in visual creative form by keeping the product or service in mind to gather a substantial amount of feedback before incorporating it in the printed or online version


“20 Shades of Nude”, Group art exhibition, organized by Gallery Mcube, Patan, 2020
“A Portrait Story”, Group art exhibition, Organized by Danfe arts, Taragaon Museum, 2020 “Strokes of Divinity”, Solo art exhibition, organized by Dalai-la Art Space and Dalai-la Boutique Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2019
“Strokes of Silence,” solo art exhibition, organized by Dalai-la Art Space and Dalai-la Boutique Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2019
“Sirjana – 2019,” group exhibition, organized by Sirjana College of Fine Arts, 2019

“Sirjana – 2018,” group exhibition, organized by Sirjana College of Fine Arts, 2018
Group art exhibition, Indo – Nepal Art Carnival at PatanMuseum, 2017
“The Fables on the Floor,” group exhibition, Taragaon museum, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2016 Group show, Ray Art Gallery, Pune India, 2009 and 2010
Group show, Balgandarva Art Gallery and Ray Art Gallery organized by B.V.P. College of Fine Arts, Pune, India, 2008-2011
Illustration exhibition, organized by Alliance Franchise de Poona and Art Today Gallery, 2008 Group show, Singha art gallery Nepal, organized by Commercial Artists Association of Nepal, 2007
Group show, organized by ASA Architectural Exhibition, Nepal, 2006
Groupshow, organized by PatanJaycees, Patan, Nepal, 2005


Top Ten Artist Awards, “Third Tune of Art International Art Festival”, Focus Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Oct 23-26, 2018
Master in Fine Arts, Tribhuvan University Faculty Topper, 2012 -2013
First Prize, “National Award in Contemporary Painting Category”, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2015

First Prize, “Hem-Ganga Pratibha YuvaPuraskar”, CAAN, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2013 First Prize, “SMCPPoster Competition”, Pune, India, 2006-2008
Third Prize, “Vedant”, Pune, India, 2007-2008
Third Prize, “Sai College Landscape Competition”, Pune, India,2007-2008

Third Prize, “Cartooning: Indian Express Competition”, Pune, India, 2007-2008
Fourth Prize, “District Level Drawing Competition”, organized by B.V.P. College of Fine Arts, India, 2007-2008


General Cultural Scholarship by Indian Embassy, Government of India, 2007-2008


Nature and Earthquake,” workshop/exhibition organized by Rashtriya Prakriti SamrakhchyanKosh, Central Zoo, Nepal, 2015
Portrait workshop organized by BhalajiPendharkarCultural Centre and Kalamandir Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur, India, 2009

Soft skill program organized by Pune University, 2009
“KALAPUSHPA,” art workshop, Sangli, India, 2009
State-level painting competition, organized by MGM College of Fine Arts, Aurangabad, India, 2009
On the spot landscape competition organized by B.V.P. College of Fine Arts, Pune, India “Painting restoration workshop,” organized by Indian Cultural Centre Embassy of India and Sirjana College of Fine Arts, Nepal, 2008
“Sai college landscape competition,” Pune, India, 2008
“DSK Society landscape competition cum exhibition,” Pune, India, 2007
“ Harmony 07”, Poster competition organized by Rotaract club, Pune, India, 2007
“Annual Art Workshop,” organized by B.V.P. College of Fine Arts, Pune, India, 2007
Art workshop organized by B.J.Medical and Sasson Hospital, Pune, India, 2007
Workshop organized by SAP NEPAL and SASA NET, Nepal, on the occasion of a global day of action for arms trade treaty (ATT), 2007
“Anti-doom’s Day: Voice of Humanity for Conscience Development,” art program, organized by Kaalbhairav Event and Management, 2006
Art workshop on Impact of Misuse of Small Arms on the Women in Politics organized by South Asia Partnership International, Nepal, 2006
SMCP poster competition organized by SMD, Nepal, 2006
“Teen Art Workshop,” organized by Asman Art Fund: Association of St.Mary’s alumnae Nepal, Nepal, 2005
“Painting Workshop,” organized by Sirjana College of Fine Arts, Nepal, 2004
“Mural Painting,” organized by Milijuli Nepal, Nepal, 2002
“Children’s day and Her Majesty’s Birthday Art Competition,” Nepal, 1995