Writer/ Painter, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Untitled 1 by Ramesh Khanal

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  • Untitled 2 by Ramesh Khanal

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  • Untitled 3 by Ramesh Khanal

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Mr. Ramesh Khanal has made a multifaceted contribution to Nepalese art. His art is based on endless human debate, including the complexities of life and the absurdities we have to face when on one’s path to happiness. He is one of Nepal’s well-known art critics/ art writers and currently a member of the Council, Nepal Fine Arts Association, the head of Bastu Kala and other alternative creative arts. 

Throughout his profession as an artist, Mr. Khanal is the recipient of many national as well as international awards. He has been bestowed with HMG Award (1999), Coronation Art Competition, CAAN Merit Award (2004), Academy Art Writer Award (NLM, 2069), and several more awards.

Not just through paintings, Mr. Khanal’s contribution to art with various literary publications as well. His major publications include Abstract Art, Van Gogh, Jeeva Ratna Shakya, Kala Shrastha, Kala Chintan, Kala Sanskaran, Rajman Singh, Kala Manthan, Biographical Sketch of Late Chandra Man Singh as well as many other books related to poetries, stories, etc.

Over the years he has conducted several solo exhibitions in national and international territories. Some of these include Olympic Village (Moscow, 1980), NAFA (1984, 1986-1991), NAC (1993-1998), Solo Arupan Painting Exhibition (2012-2017), etc.

Mr. Khanal has an association with many art organizations within the country. He worked as the Chairman of Artist’s Society of Nepal (2003-2006), Chairman of Fine Art Critic Society as well as the Director of AA Gallery (ANRC).

Listed images are the cover images of the artist/ writer publications published in different times. These books can be accessed either at Bikalpa Art Center or from the artist/ writer itself.