Untitled IV by Indra Pradhan

Title: Untitled IV

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 44 x 44 cm

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The late Indra Pradhan was born in 1944 A.D. in Ilaam, Mechi, Nepal and passed away in 1995 A.D. Pradhan attended Sir J. J. School of Art, Bombay in 1964 A.D. and completing his Diploma of Arts in 1970 A.D. After the completion of his diploma, he completed a short Mural painting course. His first solo exhibition was in his hometown of Ilaam, Nepal in 1969 A.D. He was one of the prominent members of SKIB, along with Shashi Bikram Shah, Krishna Manandhar, and Batsa Gopal Vaidya, which was an aritst group established in 1971 A.D.

Early in Indra Pradhan’s career, he experimented with a variety of different styles, including: plein air landscapes, realism, and abstraction; with his main stylistic focus being on abstract expressionism. Pradhan creates harsh allegorical juxtapositions, by depicting both figurative and non-figurative styles on the one canvas; giving his work a powerful emotive quality. The theme of his work deals with the complexity of ritual and cultural values, and explore the ineffable concepts of love, mystery and divinity.



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