Khet Ka Kathaharu (Stories of Field) XIV by Sagar Manandhar

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 80cm x 80cm
Year: 2019
Price: NPR 45,000

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“Khet ka kathaharu – Stories of fields” is what I have tried narrating with the gestures and culmination of spectrums of colors on the canvases in this exhibition. My creations on display are inspired by the lush greenery and vast fields depicting Nepal, the land of agriculture.
The paintings in this series reveal different emotions and energy of people working in the fields while sowing and harvesting. The paintings are influenced by the changing seasons depicted by the color harmony where true sense of enjoyment of farmers ploughing and planting is visually portrayed in various abstract forms. The metamorphosis and ambiguity define its own transformation of aesthetical forms while the engraving lines and heavy impasto color delineate the stories and sentiments.
Here, I created my own fields in the empty canvases and filled them with textures and patches. Just like a farmer working in a field for a fruitful yield, my imaginary fields of canvases rewarded me with the colorful visual outputs to be displayed in this exhibition. Thus, I am a farmer in my own fields of canvases.



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