Ganesha Dham by Seema Sharma Shah

Medium: Aquatint Etching Print on Paper

Size: 20″ x 40″

Year: 2019


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 ‘Ganesha with Bahan’ and ‘Ganesha Dham’  are two of Seema’s etching prints that follow the innovative multi-colored printmaking technique known as Viscosity Print Making which incorporates the principles of both relief printmaking and intaglio. The etchings depict a number of Ganeshas resting on a lotus, with chimes hanging from the structure as well as Ganesha with his Bahan, mouse. Though most of the Ganeshas in the picture are from Nepal, like the sixteen-handed Ganesha, the twin Ganesha and the dancing Ganesha standing on two rats, to name a few, the miniature Ganeshas are all from Varanasi.

Since time immemorial, the cult of Ganesha has remained so popular that the whole city of Kathmandu is replete with diverse forms of the Lord which are expressed by the artist with her own creative diverse perceptions. Kathmandu is believed to be protected by the four Ganeshassurrounding the city from all four directions. Hindus believe the worship of Ganesha before initiating something to bring luck in the carrying out of the task. Dr. Seema Sharma Shah grew up observing these traditions and her work is a reflection of the prayers she saw being made to the Lord Ganesha before one started a venture.

The artist has, since her early days of exploring various subject materials for her works, 1998 tobe precise, incorporated the depictions of gods and goddesses, and temples in them.



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