A piece of Nothing – Some Lines with Life and Time II by Harendra Kushwaha

Title:- A piece of Nothing – Some Lines with Life and Time

Medium:- pigment on Acid free paper

Size:- 29.7cm x 21cm

Year:- 2018

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My work is a continuous process. An unending continuity that keeps on adding as time passes by an index of leisure they have organicity of formation without any definite form. Like an everyday diary, they are in a continuous process of growth. They tangentially trace the leisure activity of ladies taking rest after days works sewing stitching and weaving. These activities ultimately stretched the torsion flexibility of these materials leading to the formation of various structural composites that can be infinite.

As my methodology evolved rather than concentrating on the final outcome the “act” itself become more and more significant that I started to explore as on end in itself, a sense lubricant pleasure that informed these activities. Obviously my appropriation as the act of weaving and stitching is not only informed by my reaching of contemporary art but also I have seen so much in my childhoods years spent in a village in the Terai region of Nepal and  I try to reimagine that through my act. While the use of these processes led me to establish a sense as kinship with my native the very act as weaving signified a sense of community that gets emphasizes by this very process.



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