Product Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Please provide us with all the detailed pieces of information about you/ your brand/ products and any other additional resources that help understand you and your product better way. This is a place to make your product stand out bold and bright amongst the rest. So, please give the best to achieve the best! The following are the detailed guidelines and forms to fill up and submit it to us! 


Contact Details:

Your Name (Person who is submitting the form)
Authorized Person (Person who is authorized and able to contact)
Your Brand/ Company Name (if you have any)
Phone Number

About the Product

Short description of each of the products that you want to list on our website.
Short description of your brand
What is the kind of your products? Where does it fit in our domain?
Why do you want to list your product in our store?
Artist’s Statement (only for artists)
Biography (only for artists)

Upload Images of your Products

Make sure the images you are uploading are good looking and high quality optimized so that we could easily download and upload on our website. The maximum number of products that can be listed on our website are 10. So, the maximum numbers of images you can uploaded are 20 (each product 2 images) in maximum size of 100 MB. However extra images/ videos/ links can be sent to the email at [email protected]


Here is the link for your product SUBMISSION form. Please fill-up the form with all the detailed pieces of information and we will get back to you very soon.

Thank you!