Visual Artist, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Hidden Massage by Prithvi Shrestha

    $ 1,500.00
  • Within by Prithvi Shrestha

    $ 1,500.00

Prithvi Shrestha is a visual artist based in Kathmandu. He has shown five solo shows. He has received several awards for his outstanding performance in art among that,international Comic strip, Bangkok 2001, The World Bank South Asia Region and the World Bank Art Program USA 2012, Araniko youth Award 2017 and he was awarded by Himalayan Light Art Scholarship 2017.

He has participated in several exhibitions in homeland as well as in America, Dubai, Bangladesh, China, India, Germany, Finland, Thailand , Japan and Korea . Also has participated in many artist workshop, artist residency and exhibition and participated in artist residency of Coaxing the nature 2003 and Uttistha 2005 organized by Sutra art center, residencies in Britto art trust 2012, and Porapara a space for artists 2008, Bangladesh. He has participated in the 13th and 15th Asian art biennale at Bangladesh. He has participant in the 17th NIPAF Asia Performance Art Series 2014 Japan, NIPPON International Performance art Festival 2017 Japan, Kathmandu Triennial 2017,International Performance Arts Festival 2017 Kunming, China, Himalayan Art Festival 2018, Thailand Nepal Art Exhibition 2018 Andaman Art Museum ,Krabi ,Thailand and 4thKunming Art Biennale, Yunnan Art Museum, Kunming ,China and 10th anniversary of  PAN Asia Seoul ,Korea .

He is a Founder of Bindu space for artists. He has coordinated various art events. He along with his team mates travelled various earthquake affected areas lending his helping hands to the earthquake victims.

A common subject in the exhibition is Shrestha himself. He has presented a serene amalgamation of the duality of nature, culture and the ever pervasive intrusion of technology. For example, in one of his paintings, ‘River’, he has manifested the surroundings of his home — located in a close proximity to the sacred Bagmati River and the memories of the ritual offerings made to the river and to the mystical custodians of the water bodies.  The artist finds inspiration in the myths and legends of the valley and the rituals, and festivals that bring people together.
‘Colorful I’ and ‘Colorful II’ reflect his trip to Janakpur and his encounter with the Maithali culture. The artist’s conjugal life with his artist wife, Saurganga Darshandhari, is glorified and immortalized in the paintings ‘Attachment’ and ‘Within.’ Another strong theme addressed in Shrestha’s paintings — ‘Ritual Conversation,’ ‘Sewn Up’ and ‘Hidden Meaning’ — is that of death. They represent the idea that only death is certain.
The paintings, each with a unique message, invite the audience to introspect on the beauty and brevity of life. The works embody a clever use of metaphors where some elements represent life and others represent death. The viewers are constantly reminded to love what exists while it lasts for the end is certain, thereby igniting the ever-present internal dialogue aroused by the presence of attachment.
Shrestha is a popular figure in Kathmandu’s art community. He, alongside his wife, runs Bindu — a working space for artists. Internationally, the artist has been featured in Kaze Gallery in Japan, the 15th Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh, and at The World Bank, to name a few. ‘Attachment’ is the artist’s 5th solo exhibition.

Source: My Republica