Painter, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Woman in Lockdown by Pramila Bajracharya

    $ 450.00
  • Landscape Expression by Pramila Bajracharya

    $ 1,500.00
  • Woman with Cactus by Pramila Bajracharya

    $ 350.00

Pramila Bajracharya did a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Central Department, Tribhuwan University, Nepal. She is a visual artist who depicts the landscape and figurative paintings in modern and abstract form as well as did a series of abstract contemporary paintings. Her woman figurative paintings also seem distinct in the field of art.

She is one of the co-founders of Kasthamandap Art Studio, E-Arts Nepal and Fine Art Center, Nepal, she is an executive member of WAGON. she has credited her 12 solo exhibitions in Nepal and has been participating in more than 100 group art exhibitions in National and International including German, India, USA, Sri Lanka, Dubai, South Korea, Bangladesh, France, Belgium, Holland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and many other countries.  She participated in SAARC Art Camp and exhibition in Maldives 2009 and Bangladesh in 2013. She has also participated, more than 100 art workshops in Nepal and aboard. She has also participated in the installation art residence program organized by Lasana at Jamirkot, Installation art exhibition Sutra in Maharajganj and installation in NAFA ‘Kala Yatra’ organize by Siddhartha Art Foundation.

She was the winner of the National Awards in 1998 and 2004, organized by the Nepal Association of Fine Arts, won the Arniko Youth Award and a gold medal in 2002 organize by Arniko Yuwa Sewa Kosh. She was also awarded in painting Professional Category, organized by Camlin Art Foundation, Birala Art Academy, Kolkata, India in 2008.Resently she awarded Bhadra Kumari Ghale Lalit Kala purskar.

As an artist, my painting starts with a woman figurative painting. In the beginning, I did many series of daily life on woman figurative paintings which are exhibited at the Nepal Art Council, group 37. Most of the paintings I did with two women figure which were influence by my surroundings, Newari woman and culture. At that time I used to go for sketch in the morning and I was really attracted by the woman figure wearing sari who used to came to fill water in there gagri (traditional pot) from the traditional tap in Mangal Bazar, Sundhara, Sankhamul, etc. places. I did many sketches of my favorite woman form and portraits in the morning and day time I do my paintings on it, in my studio.

In this way my professional art journey is going on after that I started to add some landscape in the background in that figurative painting and then I did vanish figure slowly and made so many series of landscape paintings and did some exhibitions also and did solo exhibition in Siddhartha Art Gallery after that I like to express my feelings by only color and form so did some abstract paintings and did an exhibition in the Art shop and did many series of paintings and exhibitions on my abstract paintings and on in landscape paintings after that I visit in Sri Lanka there I saw a woman wearing a sari in a different way and long hear, a different symbol of elephant and surrounding with coconut trees which inspire me to do new series on it and again did so many woman figurative paintings. After that, I did many different experiments works on figure and landscape and did an exhibition in the Park Gallery “Nature and Eternity”.

In Bangladesh, I participate SAARC art Camp. There I got the opportunity to watch some cultural programs did some sketches of a woman dancing and did one series of women dance likewise I did so many different series on a woman. The series of Woman in Hakupatasi, widow woman, woman with flower woman with cactus etc. after that I face different up and down in my life and started to make my feelings through my paintings creating portraits of a woman which is an exhibit in Sirjana Art gallery “Portrait expression” in 2010. I did a large series of woman portrait in a different way and view. After the earthquake, I did one series on it with a woman figurative painting. So as I am a woman it is easy to express my feelings on canvas. I tried to show Women awareness in society with the help of color and canvas. There is so many things about woman, their awareness, form, beauty, sorrow, happiness, their power and also have to express lots on, in further. Nowadays my series of woman and lady doctors in The feelings and expressions of the present situation on Lockdown and coronavirus.

Art Education : Master’s Degree in Fine Arts

Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Solo Exhibitions:11solo Exhibition:

2002 : Images of Landscapes, Siddhartha Art Gallery

2004 : Nature & Eternity, Park Gallery

2005 : Landscape Expression, The Art Shop

2007 : Drishti, Jatra

2008 : Passing Through, Park Art Gallery

2009 :  ofqf; “The Journey”, The Art Shop

2009: My Collection, Ema Go Dei, Gallery Café

2010: Portrait Expression, Sirjana Contemporary Art Gallery

2014: Nature & Eternity II, Park Gallery

2017:Spread The Love, Nuxes Culture Center

2018: “Mero Sero Fero” GG Machan, Pulchok

2019: “Cacti Blossom” Dalai-la Art Space


1994 : Special Prize, Inter Zone Competition, Lalitpur

1998 : Consolation Prize, 28th National Art Exhibition, NAFA

2002 : Gold Medal and Arniko Yuba Kala Purskar, Yuba Kala Sewa Kosh, Kathmandu

2004 : Special Prize, 35th National Art Exhibition, NAFA

2008 : Award in Professional Catagory, Camlin Art Foundation, Birala Art Academy, Kolkatta, India

2020  : Vadra Kumari Ghale Lalitkala Purskar 2076, Kathmandu

Group Exhibitions In Nepal

1990 : Inter Campus Exhibition, Fine Arts Campus

1991 : Old Master Techinique Exhibition in Goethe Institute

1992 : T.U Day Art Exhibition, Fine Arts Campus

1993 : Human Happiness Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council

1994 : Nepal – India Graphic Print Making Exhibition, Siddhartha Art Gallery

1994 : X-mas Collection, Srijana Art Gallery

1994 : Group 37 Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council

1994 : Vision 51 Art Exhibition, Fine Art Campus

1996-2006 : 26th – 36th National Art Exhibition, NAFA

1998 : Four Men Show at C.S.I. Gallery

1999 : Rangalal Bangdel Smriti Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council

2000 : Two men show, J Art Gallery

2000 : Prashanta Smriti Workshop Exhibition, J Art Gallery

2001 : Kasthamandap Group Show at J Art Gallery

2002 : “Children without art” organized by Jasutara Art Foundation

2002 : “Three women show” at Lazempat Gallery Cafe

2002 : Kala Upaban, Exhibition Organized by NAFA

2003 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Lazimpat Gallery Cafe

2003 : Exhibition in Nafa of “Ghumanti Kala Karyeshala” Dolkha

2003 : Woman’s group show orgnized by Kalakar Samaj

2004 : “Contemporary Women Artist of Nepal”, NAFA

2004 : Kasthamandap Group Show at Buddha Gallery

2004 : Kasthamandap Group Show at Gallery Moksh

2004 : Anniversary Art Exhibition at Buddha Gallery

2005 : Group Exhibition organized by Gallery Nine

2006:  “Wearable Art Show” at Kiran Bhawan & Garden of Dreams, Nepal

2006 : Kasthamandap Group Show, The Art Shop

2007 : Kasthamandap Group Show, GTZ

2007 : Women Artist  Workshop and Exhibition, Park Gallery

2007 : The Opening Art Exhibition, Sonja Art Gallery

2007 : “The Cow”, Exhibition Organized by Gallery Nine

2007 : Amalgum, Exhibition Organized by Siddhartha Art Gallery

2007 : Woman Artists Workshop and Exhibition Organized by WAGON, The Art Shop

2008:  Exhibition organized for World Festival,NAFA

2008 : Artists Workshop organized by Gurukul to help for flood Victim

2008 : Exhibition Organized by Sutra, Nepal Art Council

2008 :   Art Fair –2008 at Park Gallery, Pulchok, Laitpur

2009 :  International Women’s Day, a group exhibition, Hotel Annapurna, Durbarmarg

2009 :   KAS’s 15th Aniversary Show-2009, Sidhartha Art Gallery, Revisited, Babarmahal

2009 :   Separating myth from Reality(status of Women), International Art Festival,Kathmandu organize by Siddhartha Art Gallery

2010: “New Dimension” Exhibition organige by Krishna Manoratha Pratisthan,Nepal Art


2010: “Varsa” Woman painting exhibition organize by NAFA

2011:  Group exhibition in Russian culture center organize By NAFA

2011 :  International Women’s Day, a group of Woman exhibition, Newa Chey

2012: “Vasanta” Woman painting exhibition organize by NAFA

2011-2012: National Art exhibition organize by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Kathmandu

2012 : …from portrait to self-portrait…. (The Nepal Album) Group Exhibition by KCAC, Patan Museum, Kathmandu

2013: Group Exhibition in Patan Museum,organize by Care Nepal

2013 : “Anubhuti”  6 women artist show, Newa chey

2013 : Art on poem in Sirjana Art Gallery organize by Poet Cand Bhatachand

2013: National Art Exhibition, NAFA

2013 : Memory of Maldives, Nepali & Maldives artist exhibition in NAFA

2013: Three Woman show organize by Bikalp Art Center

2013: Kasthamandap group show Organize by Golden Jubale of Nepal Art Council.

2014: Exhibition in Artiat Proof Gallery on the occation of Womans Day

2014: : Exhibition in Image Ark Gallery on the occation of Womans Day

2014: Exhibition in Newa Chean on the occation of Womans Day

2015: National Painting exhibition in NAFA

2016 : Group Exhibition in Bilkap Art Center

2016 : Group Art Exhibition in Moods, Thapathali

2016: “Mahila Sakti” Exhibition in Mithila Ye Art Gallery

2016 : four Men show in Sarbanam Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2017: Nepal and Japan six men art show, ”Art without Borders 2017” Newa Chen

2017 : Historical Exhibition on Newari New year’Sankhsdhr Sakhawa” in Patan Museum

2017: Save our Culture,Art & Artist,Mithila Yain Gallery

2017: 11th Park Art Fair, Park Art Gallery

2017: Himalayan Art Festival, Nepal Art Council, organize by E-Arts Nepal

2018 : Woman art Exhibition, Newa Chen

2018: Himalayan Art Festival, Nepal Art Council

2018: Historic Newari New Year exhibition, Organize by Buddha Yuba Commity

2018: Ten Nepali Artist group Exhibition, Classic Gallery

2019: Season on the occasion of Woman’s day , Patan Museum

2019: Seduction of Print making II , Siddhartha Art Gallery

2019 : National Fine Art Exhibition 2019, NAFA

2019: Amalgam 2019, Siddhartha Art Gallery

2019: Himalayan Art Festival, Nepal art Council

2020: A Portrait Story exhibition in Tara gaon Museum



Group Exhibitions in Abroads :

2002 : Camlin Art Compition & Exhibition, Calcutta, India

2004:  Exhibition on Expo, Germany

2005 : Camlin Art Compition & Exhibition, Calcutta, India

2005 : Reflection of Reality, India Habitat Centre, India

2005 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Den Blank,  Belgium

2005 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Gallery de Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2006 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Chautara Gallery, Holland

2007 : Reflection of Reality, Som Arts Cultural Center,Bay Gallery,

         San Francisco, USA

2007 : Reflection of Reality, Gallery 25, San Francisco, USA

2007 : Nepali Women Contemporary Art Exhibition, Alpha Gallery, South Korea

2007 : Kasthamandap Group  Exhibition, Gandhara Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2007 : Living Canvas, Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2007 :“Peace of Mind” Painting Workshop Galle Face Hotel,  Colombo, Sri Lanka

2007 : Camlin Art Competition & Exhibition, Kolkatta, India

2007 :  Hotel Hyatt, Dubai, UAE

2008 : Himalayas of Nepal, Alpha Gallery, South Korea

2008:  Kasthamandap Group Show, Belgium

2008 :   Living Canvas, The gallery without walls, YDF, Thimphu, Bhutan

2008 :   Camlin Art Competition & Exhibition, Kolkatta, India

                    2009 : Nepali Art Show, Holland

2009 : “Colours & Impressions” Group Show, SAARC Women’s Association, Radisson Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2009: “Harmony “ Group Show at Reflections Art Gallery, Indoor, India

2010:  Group Show, Cafe Arora, California, USA

2012: :  Group Show, Chicago, USA


2010 : Fairfax Eco Fest Painting Exhibition, San Francisco, USA

2012 : Nepali Contemporary Art Show, L’Epicea Galleria, Briancon, France

2012 : Nepali Contemporary Art Show, Chautara Gallery, Almere, Netherlands

2012 : Nepali Contemporary Art Show, Berlin, German

2012 : Nepali Contemporary Art Show, E-Funktion, Cologne, German

2013 : SAARC artist exhibition, National art Gallery, Maldives

2014: Exhibition in Artiat Proof Gallery on the occation of Womans Day

2014: : Exhibition in Image Ark Gallery on the occation of Womans Day

2014: SAARC Art Exhibition in Silpa Kala Acedemy, Bangaladesh

2015: Group Exhibition in Singapore organize by Mandala Art

2015: Exhibition of painting for the help of earthquake victims in Singapore

2015: Exhibition of painting for the help of earthquake victims in Malaysia

2016: International art Exhibition,Khajurao,India

2016: Exhibition in Chautara Gallery, Holland

2017: International Artswitch exhibition in Jogja Gallery,Yogyakrata,Indonesia

2017: Exhibition & Workshop in Yogyakarta Art Festival, Indonesia

2017: Exhibition  Workshop in Sasaran International Art Festival 2017, Malaysia

2018: Exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam Collage, Vietnam

2018: International art  Exhibition, Vietnam National Gallery

2018: International art exhibition, Crabi Museum, Bankok

2019: Shanghai International Contemporary art exhibition, Shangai, China

Workshops :

1991-1992 : Joint Visual Communication Workshop, UNICEF

1991 : Old Master Technique Workshop

1992 : Animation Workshop

1993 : Old Master Technique Workshop

1994 : Nepal – India Graphic Print Making Workshop, Nepal Art Council

2000 : Prashanta Smriti Workshop, NAFA

2000 : Painting Workshop organized by Lion’s Club of Pashupati

2001-2002-2003 : Workshop organized by NAFA-Kala Upaban

2001:Woman Artist Spot Painting Workshop Organized by Rotary Club of Kathmandu

2001: Painting Workshop Organized by Artist’s Society of Nepal

2002 :  “Kala Karyashala” organized by Lalit Kala Sangam, Biratnagar

2003: “ Ghumanti Kala Karyashala in Dolkha” Organized by NAFA

2004 : Poetric Expressions at Godawari

2004 : Meditation Art Workshop at Osho Tapoban

2006 : Painting workshop,Garden of Dreams, Nepal

2006:“Inspired Expression”workshop,in Memory of Legend Artist R.NJoshi,Park Gallery

2007 : Woman for Woman  Workshop organized by Prerana

2007 : Woman Artist Workshop in Mandala, Thapathali Organized by WAGON

2007 :“International Artist Day” Art Workshop, Kasthamandap Art Studio, Lalitpur

2008 : Painting workshop in Nepal Art Council for the help of Flood victims organized by WAGAN

2008 : Ten Days residency program and exhibition organized by SUTRA

2008 : Breaking Boundaries, Thimphu, Bhutan

         2009 : Art workshop organized by Gurukul, Kathmandu

2009 : Artist Workshop in Tourism Board

2009 : Nepali and Bangaladeshi Artist Workshop in Nagarkot,  Organized by Siddhartha Art Gallery

2009 : Woman Artist Workshop in Ema Go Dai,  Organized by WAGON

2009 : “Woman’s rights on Land” Installation in NAFA  organize by Lasana

2010 : Sketch Workshop, Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center, Kathmandu

2010 : Painting wokshop in Changu Narayen organige by Krishna Manoratha Pratisthan.

2010 : Painting workshop “Sadbhav” organize by NAFA

2011 : “Bagalima Kala Sanjha” Live Painting on the stage with Sukarma Band by L’ Art en Poche, Belgium at Russian Cultural Center, Kathmandu

2011 : Live Painting on Stage with Rudra Band, Art workshop by Green Tara Trust & Green Tara Nepal

2011: Painting workshop and auction in Basantapur organize by NAFA & Karuna foundation.

2011: Painting workshop in Dhulikhel, organize by WAGON.

2013 :Painting workshop in Pokhara, organize by R.K.Musuem.

2013: : Painting workshop and Exhibition in Patan Museum, organize by Care Nepal.

2013: Painting workshop in NAFA, organize by Nepal Acedemy of Arts.

2013: Painting workshop in “Kuda Bandos” Maldives with 8SAARC countries organize by SAARC cultural Center, Sri Lanka.

2017: International artist Workshop in Yogyakarta , Indonesia

2017: Workshop in Sasaran International Art Festival 2017, Malaysia

2018: Painting workshop in Kathmandu,

2018:  International art  workshop, Vietnam University

2018: Thailand and Nepali artist International art workshop, Crabi Museum, Bankok

2019: Shanghai  International Contemporary art workshop, Shangai, China

Travel : India, USA, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China

Founder Member : Kasthamandap Art Studio,

      E-Arts Nepal ,

      Fine Art Center, Nepal

Executive Member: Woman Artist Group of Nepal

Members :

Young Artists Group

Nepal Association of Fine Arts, NAFA

Artists Society of Nepal

Prashanta Memorial Society