Art Writer/ Critique/ Painter, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Lockdown5 by Mukesh Malla

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  • Lockdown4 by Mukesh Malla

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  • Lockdown3 by Mukesh Malla

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  • Lockdown2 by Mukesh Malla

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  • Lockdown 1 by Mukesh Malla

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One of the few artists who have contributed to the Nepali art community for over 40 years is Mukesh Malla. Currently even devoting his time to being a leading art writer/ critic of Nepali Art and an active art practitioner as well. His knowledge of Nepali contemporary art with a modern twist has been well informed in the various publication as well.

He started his artistic journey in 2025 B.S. from Mahendra Morang Campus in Biratnagar. The competency of Mr. Malla’s work has also been well-recognized within the national and international scenarios. Some of his achievements include Art Critic of the Year 2062 B.S, Letter of Honor by Nepal Government, Certificate of Honor 2018 by Pagoda Group, and many more.

His participation extends to other national and international presentations such as 4th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh (1991) Bangladesh by Silpokala Academy, Dream vs creation sculptor workshop by NAFA (2012), Return to Nature: Tribute to late Ramananda Joshi, History of watercolor painting and open-air painting, organized by park gallery (2013). 

Over the years of his involvement in art, Mr. Malla has conducted various art exhibitions, paper presentations, writings, and publishing about many art-related books. He has chaperoned over 14 different solo exhibition over various regions of Nepal. He was associated with Nepal Kalakaar Samajh as Chief Secretary, member secretary of NAFA, the president of Canvas.