Painter, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Mountain Mystique IV by Binod Pradhan

    $ 900.00
  • Mountain Mystique III by Binod Pradhan

    $ 900.00
  • Mountain Mystique II by Binod Pradhan

    $ 1,300.00
  • Mountain Mystique I by Binod Pradhan

    $ 1,500.00
  • Fading by Binod Pradhan

    $ 500.00
  • Fading Heritage  by Binod Pradhan

    $ 900.00

Binod Pradhan holds Bachelors in Fine Arts from Lalitkala Campus, Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He is a Contemporary Visual Artist who works on mixed media with experimentations. He creates eco-paintings which appeal to preserve the environment and ecosystem. His present series based on the preservation of Heritage and Ancient cities Nepal. He is the co-founders of Kasthamandap Art Studio and the online art gallery E-Arts Nepal. Recently he was the founder of Kalamandap Arts Studio. He has participated in various national and international group shows that are organized every year since 1992 including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, South Korea, USA, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Vietnam. He has participated in numerous art workshops and art camps in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Vietnam. He has had 8 solo painting exhibitions to his credit and had two-man exhibitions 2 times. He won several national and international awards, including the second position in Inter School Competition, BalMandir, Kathmandu in 1987, first position, Painting Competition, Lalit Kala Student Union in 1993, second position in National Art Exhibition (NAFA) in 1997, the first position in Ganesh Man Singh Adhyayan Pratisthan in 1997, awarded from Camel Art Foundation, Kolkata, India in 2006 and Gold Medal of Arniko Youth Award in 2011. He has traveled in India, USA, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

The landscape compositions by Binod Pradhan displayed at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babermahal Revisted, are an illustration of how colours can be used to express the sounds of a mind in solitude. The exhibition titled “ Solitude of Color” was inaugurated by Barbara Hewitt, director, British Council Nepal on February 2. There are about 44 paintings on display that strongly express an anxious concern about the deteriorating state of traditional architecture and a culture which has been inextricably associated with the art of landscape painting.

Binod Pradhan was born and brought up in Kathmandu and finds his inspiration in the culture of the valley. His paintings incorporate the uncanny juxtaposition of gaudy and vibrant colours and the forms and dimensions traditionally accepted are sacrificed for colour, that are eloquent means of expression of strong emotions for the artist. Binod Pradhan, a dynamic member of the Kasthamandap Art Studio Group, has digressed from the style of religious conventional images by using sharp black lines that blurs the mere portrayal of places and shrines of religious worship. Moreover, the use of strangely bright colours has a different story to tell.

One such painting gives an impression of a temple in the background blurred by strokes of green. When questioned about the intent of blurring the equally impressive outlines of the magnificent edifice of a beautiful temple with green strokes the artist said that “the painting expresses a profound concern to preserve the aesthetic beauty of the traditional architecture which is risking oblivion.

Source: The Himalayan Times