Bikalpa Art Center Artists of the Month Mr. Lok Chitrakar & Mr. Prithvi Shrestha

Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) introduces ‘ARTISTS OF THE MONTH’ in addition to the Bikalpa Online Store engagement program. This program aims to activate the engagement and discussion in a progressive manner within and around the work of artists and the community with the motive to spread the knowledge of wisdom, bring the issues on the forum, having constructive dialogue and feed to the prolific end. Throughout the course of the program (in every month), it will also generate a solid archival material and documentation about each featured artists and the subjects.

Each month, BAC will feature two artists with different activities like talk and presentation, meet the artists/ workshops, critical analysis and constructive discussion about the work of the artists. All of the programs will take place at BAC with limited audiences and possibly live-streaming on Bikalpa’s Youtube Chanel shared on the Facebook page

This month we have picked two artists from different genres; Mr. Lok Chitrakar who is an icon of Nepali Traditional Art (Paubha Painting) and Mr. Prithvi Shrestha who is completely versatile new media, conceptual art practitioner, a young generation representative. Learn more about the artists and their works HERE

Program Details:

Presentation ( 18th August 2020, 2:00 pm onwards)

This is a classic format presentation program where artists will be presenting their journey to the art world with historical evolution in their lives, presenting references on cultural influences, inspirations, neighborhood scenario, educational background, social circumstances leading towards the personal artistic achievements. This presentation aims to elevate the knowledge of artists in depth beyond the artistic journey and the artwork prepositions.

workshops (The workshop date is postponed for the following months, the date will be announced!)

The workshops will be a brief presentation and orientation/ demonstration focused on specific techniques, skills and knowledge sharing on respected subjects engaging students and enthusiasts. These workshops are free of costs, however, it is required to be registered by dropping us a message on Instagram/ Facebook or simply writing an email [at] bikalpaartcenter[@] The workshop will be conducted at BAC/ online depending on the nature of the subject. The detail will be posted on Instagram & Facebook

Coffee with the Artists (not applicable this month because of the COVID-19 influences and Lockdown situation)

This is basically a casual meeting enabling access to communicate with the artists and networking, learn about the process of making artworks and more. The artists will be present at Bikalpa Art Center twice a week, two hours a day (normally 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm). The days and shifts will be mentioned on social media posts.

Talk Program (POSTPONED! the new date will be announced as the situation will go slightly smooth)

This will be an interactive casual talk program with critical analysis and constructive discussion being specific within the artists’ artworks and the subject. It aims to initiate a dialogue of understanding the art and the journey into a deeper level. The panelists will be both of the artists, moderator, curator, art critique/ writer and some representatives. The program will also be followed by QnA session. The program will take place at Bikalpa Art Center and it will be live-streamed on BAC’s Youtube Channel.

More updates on the program will be posted on our social media networks. So please follow us to get the updates: Instagram & Facebook

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